Where to recycle Christmas trees in the Houston-Galveston area!

  • January 04, 2021
  • News

Sustainable Sasha here with Christmas tree recycling info for the community around Galveston Bay to keep these beloved trees out of the landfill! Many recycling centers and programs across the Houston-Galveston region have stepped up to help repurpose them into mulch, park landscaping materials, and more. You can also often get free mulch at recycling centers if you bring your own receptacle. If you want to repurpose a tree in your own yard, use the branches as a base for a compost pile, trunk slices as landscaping edging, or chop it up to use as firewood in your firepit. Don’t use it in your fireplace or wood stove, however, as pine burns at too high of a temperature to be safe indoors! No matter what you do with Christmas trees, remember to remove all decorations, including tinsel, before recycling or repurposing them.


*Some facilities require that you are a resident of that city, so bring a water bill and driver’s license along just in case!*

Baytown accepts bare trees for recycling all year at Baytown Green Center (city water bill and driver’s license required): 1601 West Main Street, Baytown, TX 77520. Questions: (281) 420-5300.

Chambers County accepts trees year-round at their Citizen Collection Stations to mulch. Residents must have Chambers County Solid Waste Disposal Permit on their vehicle at drop-off but can get free mulch at any time!

Galveston will be collecting trees curbside where trash bins are normally placed this Friday, January 8th (residents West of 51st Street) and Saturday, January 9th (residents East of 51st Street).

Houston is accepting trees at its recycling centers through January 31st

Kemah picks up and recycles yard waste weekly, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. They make a special exception for Christmas trees, so they do NOT need to be cut down or bundled for curbside pick-up. Questions: (281) 334-1611.

La Porte collects trees all year on your zone’s designated “heavy trash” day and mulches them for use in city parks and nature trails!

Pasadena residents can place Christmas trees in their yard waste bin, trimmed to fit, for recycling on their regular collection day.

Pearland is accepting trees at the Stella Roberts Recycling Center now through January 9th from 9am-1pm (closed Sundays and Mondays).

OR If you live in a single-family dwelling in the Pearland city limits, you can set your tree out curbside on your assigned green waste day for recycling.

Texas City Biosphere Recycling accepts trees and branches at any time (water bill and driver’s license required).

Dickinson, League City, and San Leon collect bundled yard waste next to trash bins on your designated trash day but, unfortunately, we could not confirm if they recycle it. And bundles must be under 4’ in length, 18” in diameter and less than 50 lbs.

If your city isn’t listed here, look up your nearest recycling center and don’t be afraid to call them and ask. They are usually happy to help answer your recycling questions! You can also check with local garden centers or urban farms to see if they accept trees for compost or mulching.

For questions about the Brazoria County Parks Department Surfside dune project along the Gulf, visit their website.