Gifts of Real Estate

Galveston Bay Foundation gratefully accepts gifts of land or other property. Such gifts are carefully evaluated in terms of formal land protection or resale to be used to further our ability to ensure the preservation of Galveston Bay. Donating your land to the Galveston Bay Foundation may qualify you for income tax deductions. You also might avoid capital gains taxes, and in many cases, achieve significant estate tax savings.

If you are considering a gift of land to Galveston Bay Foundation we encourage you to talk to us to plan for the maximum benefit of your gift. We strive to honor the wishes of our donors and want to facilitate careful planning to achieve your goals.

Conservation Easements
A conservation easement is a voluntary agreement between a private landowner and a land trust that allows the landowner to permanently limit the future use of the land. While ownership and use of the land is maintained by the landowner, Galveston Bay Foundation holds the “development rights” and agrees to ensure that the land is maintained in perpetuity.

Land Donations
Property owners can donate land for conservation purposes by a gift or through a will to guarantee that the property and its natural value will be protected forever.

Trade Lands
Land without significant conservation value may be donated to Galveston Bay Foundation to be sold, with the proceeds used to support our ongoing programs. Trade lands can be any kind of real estate including homes, ranches, buildings, vacant land, or retail centers.

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