#iheartestuaries, Do You?

  • February 14, 2020
  • News

Galveston Bay Foundation a Restore America’s Estuaries partner organization and every February they ask that you use the #iheartestuaries to share why YOU love your estuary. We highlighted some phenomenal champions in our community whose enthusiasm for Galveston Bay is contagious.

❤️Rose’s Seafood is a staple of the Bay Area. Family-owned since 1980, the seafood store’s co-owner Sam Tran grew up in Kemah and loves the Bay. Her daughter has participated in our education programs, her husband rode in our fundraising ride Bike Around the Bay. Sam’s daughter has a passion for caring for the environment, which Sam always encourages because she believes it’s important to protect Galveston Bay so everyone can enjoy it.

“There’s no better place than being by the sea and being apart of a great small community. Galveston Bay Foundation is doing great things. Keep it up and I am super excited to see the new building coming along.” – Sam Tran



❤️Gene Fisseler has volunteered at Galveston Bay Foundation for more than a decade and is a regular fixture at our events, around our office, and on special assignments like the dolphin research team and education team. Gene’s advice on volunteering? “Don’t worry that it might be too cold, too hot, too wet, too muddy or too much work. Just sign up and show up! You’ll get way more out of volunteering with Galveston Bay Foundation than you’ll ever put into it. More fun, more satisfaction, more friends. Trust me on that!”

Thank you, Gene for all your hard work to protect Galveston Bay.




❤️We want to express gratitude for the students who take a chance on experiencing nature with us. Cindy Wilems, our Director of Education says, “When you see a student’s eyes light up when they touch a fish for the first time or see how proud they are after planting marsh grass or building oyster reef, it is just inspiring and makes my heart grow. You can’t top that feeling. I know we are making a difference in their lives and for the Bay each and every time we are in a classroom or in the field.”

Thanks to all who heart estuaries!