Volunteer to Help Galveston Bay!


Volunteer Mission Statement

The mission of the Galveston Bay Foundation Volunteer Program is to support the preservation, protection, and enhancement of Galveston Bay through hands-on incorporation of the local community and general public into vital restoration, research, education, administrative, and fundraising projects.

Volunteer Vision
Volunteers are vital to the success and continuation of projects and activities that support the Galveston Bay estuarine system. At the Galveston Bay Foundation, we envision volunteers becoming trained, experienced, and self-motivated stewards who will support Galveston Bay for years to come.

Volunteer FAQ

What opportunities does the Galveston Bay Foundation have for scout troops and/or award-level projects?
I want to do a beach cleanup, is that something I can do with the Galveston Bay Foundation?
What types of volunteer opportunities are available at the Galveston Bay Foundation?
Can I do a group/corporate volunteer activity with Galveston Bay Foundation?
I have a group of students that would like to volunteer. Do you have volunteer opportunities for student groups?
I have kids who want to volunteer in the summer season, do you have anything for them to do while they are out of school?
I have very special skills I can share, or I am trying to gain professional experience in environmental careers. How can I become a more professional and involved volunteer?
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By volunteering with the Galveston Bay Foundation, you can:

-Gain valuable field training and experience in environmental conservation and restoration

-Increase your knowledge of and learn to appreciate Galveston Bay

-Earn volunteer credit for school, community service, and other service projects

-Enjoy the amazing feeling of doing something great for the environment!

-Some employers offer a grant to the nonprofit for a certain amount of hours volunteered. Inquire to your HR department to find out.

Community EventsJoin us at one of our scheduled community events like Marsh Mania, Trash Bash, Bay Day and more! Check out our events calendar for event dates and information. 
Water Monitoring TeamThe Water Monitoring Team conducts regular sampling around Galveston Bay that includes chemical analyses, physical testing, and field observations.Email waterquality@galvbay.org for more information.
Environmental EducatorHelp teach students and families about the importance of the Bay and the environmental problems that affect it. You must complete a training and background check to participate.Email cwilems@galvbay.org for more information.
In the works: FACE of GBFBecome a trained volunteer representative of GBF, and have opportunities to take on leadership roles at many of our outreach events and on special projectsEmail eford@galvbay.org for more information.
Team Building or Group Activities GBF works with corporate groups, scouts, organizations, clubs, and more to coordinate habitat restoration and protection workdays. Specific projects and available dates may vary.Email eford@galvbay.org for more information.
Administrative SupportLend a hand around our office with filing, shredding, data entry, supply organization and inventory, and other similar tasks.Email eford@galvbay.org for more information.
Dolphin Research Field Assistant In partnership with the Environmental Institute of Houston, researchers conduct boat-based surveys of the bottlenose dolphins that reside in Galveston Bay. Volunteers must complete a training and background check to participate. Availability of training is limited and there is a waiting period.Email eford@galvbay.org for more information.
Turtle CareOur resident ambassador animal, Pear the diamondback terrapin, needs lots of care! Volunteers help with feeding, water changes, cleaning, and other care tasks as needed. Volunteers will need to be trained on her care routine.Email eford@galvbay.org for more information.

 For more information on our volunteer program and opportunities, please contact Emily Ford at eford@galvbay.org or (281) 332-3381 ext. 207.

Select pictures provided by Chris Kulhman