Galveston Bay Foundation protects 106 Acres on Dollar Bay in Texas City

  • December 17, 2020
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Galveston Bay Foundation protects 106 Acres on Dollar Bay in Texas City

(Kemah, TX – December 17, 2020) This week, Galveston Bay Foundation acquired 106 acres in Galveston County as part of its continued effort to protect coastal habitat through property acquisitions and conservation easements. The newly conserved property is directly adjacent to a planned marsh restoration site on Dollar Bay. Preserving the property will preserve a buffer next to the wetland restoration area and conserve native coastal grasslands and wetlands that support resident and migratory wildlife and fisheries species common to the area. It will now enhance the conservation benefit to the area by protecting native prairie habitat, mima mounds, and coastal wetlands.

Galveston Bay Foundation partnered with the landowners Byron and Holly Davis to protect the land. The Davis family initially planned to develop the property as residential canal subdivision but learned over time of the property’s value for conservation.

“Once we understood the uniqueness of the property, we began to imagine a new vision for the land, a vision that will be shared for many generations under the leadership and conservancy of The Galveston Bay Foundation,” said Byron Davis.

After completing the purchase, Galveston Bay Foundation transferred the property to the City of Texas City and placed a conservation easement on the tract that will perpetually protect the land and restrict future land uses. Galveston Bay Foundation will retain a management role and lead stewardship and restoration efforts that will enhance the habitat on the property.

Funding for the acquisition was provided primarily by a Gulf of Mexico Energy Securities Act (GOMESA) grant administered by the General Land Office as part of the Coastal Management Program. Additional support for this effort was also provided by the Brown Foundation and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program through the Conservation Assistance Program.

Since its establishment in 1987, Galveston Bay Foundation has conserved more than 8,000 acres of coastal habitat through property acquisitions and conservation easements. The Foundation is a member of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA) and was accredited by the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission in 2013 and re-accredited in 2019. The Foundation is also a participating member of the Texas Land Trust Council (TLTC).

Galveston Bay Foundation continues to actively expand its land conservation efforts within the Galveston Bay Watershed, focusing on protecting a wide range of habitats and land uses including freshwater and estuarine wetlands, tallgrass prairies, coastal forests, and various agricultural lands. Conservation easements are an excellent tool for private landowners who wish to conserve natural resources on their land in perpetuity, but also wish to retain ownership of the land to enjoy and pass on to future generations. Learn more about Galveston Bay Foundation’s land conservation efforts.

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