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Thank you for joining Galveston Bay Foundation as we work to protect the vital natural resource we’re all connected to. We’re delighted you’re here to learn about the Bay, our work, and ways you can get involved to ensure that the Galveston Bay remains a healthy and productive place today and for future generations.

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News from the Bay

Get caught up on the latest news affecting Galveston Bay, our recently accomplished work, volunteer or event opportunities, or other Bay-related information.


2023 Galveston Bay Report Card Released: Learn More About the Health of the Bay and How to Play Your Part


Event Calendar

Welcome! We’re thrilled you’re interested in attending or volunteering at one of our upcoming events, and we can’t wait to see you there. Take a look through the calendar to find out about our events, or visit our Events page to learn more about each event in more detail.

Dec 09

Community Prairie Planting

Dec 10 - Jan 01

Rain Barrel Workshop

Dec 16 - Jan 01

GBF Prairie Planting at Exploration Green


Reaching 1000’s of students each year


Returning 100’s of tons of oyster shells to the Bay


Monitoring water quality at ~65 locations around the Bay


Over 8,000 acres conserved


Seeking solutions for 1000’s of Bay stakeholders

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