Heron Society


The Heron Society, Galveston Bay Foundation’s annual giving society, is comprised of an exceptional group of community leaders and volunteer champions whose generosity is leading the way to a bay brimming with vitality, and contributing to the community in every possible way.

The Heron Society recognizes these individuals for their outstanding leadership and serves as a platform to inspire others to also take action that protects the Bay and its watershed for future generations. Galveston Bay Foundation is pleased to recognize individuals and households as Heron Society members in recognition of their cumulative, annual personal gifts and commitments of $1,000 or more.

For more information regarding the Heron Society or to learn more about your membership,
please contact Genevieve Genest at ggenest@galvbay.org or 281.332.3381 x 204.

Heron photo by Andrew Hancock