Gifts of Real Estate


Did you know that it’s possible to turn your real estate into a gift for preserving Galveston Bay?

The Galveston Bay Foundation offers opportunities for landowners to dedicate their property to conservation, all of which are critical to our mission:

Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements are voluntary legal agreements between GBF and a landowner that permanently limit the future use of the land to protect its conservation value. Ownership and use of the land is maintained by the landowner, but GBF holds the “development rights” for the property and agrees to monitor the property and ensure that it is maintained in its current state forever. Easements are ideal for landowners like farmers or ranchers who want to continue to farm or ranch the property, but forever conserve the property’s conservation value.  It’s also a great option for owners of family ranches who want allow future generations to enjoy the property in the future like they do now.   Learn more about conservation easements >>

Land Donations

Fee simple land donations for conservation purposes can be made by a gift or through a will and guarantees that the property and its natural values will be protected forever.

Trade Lands

Trade Lands are lands without significant conservation value as determined by GBF’s evaluation, or land that does not support GBF’s conservation goals and strategic plan. These properties may be donated to GBF and then sold, with the proceeds being used to support GBF’s ongoing programs. Trade lands can be any kind of real estate including homes, ranches, buildings, vacant land, retail centers, etc.

Please help us achieve long-term results in protecting the Galveston Bay estuarine system with your real estate gift. For more information, contact Genevieve Genest at or call (281) 332-3381 x 204