Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities


The Galveston Bay Foundation welcomes the opportunity to develop corporate partnerships, which help us reach out to a variety of audiences with important environmental and conservation messages, while raising funds to support our vital efforts to restore and protect Galveston Bay.

Sponsoring GBF, our programs, and our events is an ideal avenue to:

  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to the long-term vitality of Galveston Bay
  • Act locally by supporting causes that are important to area citizens
  • Build visibility and awareness to a diverse group of event attendees, volunteers, exhibitors
  • Gain exposure through nationally-recognized, community-based conservation efforts

From oyster reef restoration, to Bike Around the Bay, to water quality and quantity and environmental education programs, and many more, we invite your company to take part in any of our great initiatives and be recognized as a leader in educating and advocating for the preservation of Galveston Bay and all great things that it includes!