Sasha Francis

  • October 23, 2019
  • News

Sasha Francis joined the Galveston Bay Foundation in November 2019. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a B.S. in Animal Science & Technology with a concentration in Wildlife Conservation. Sasha was very passionate about wildlife from a young age and, after finally getting into the very competitive field, was a zookeeper and marine mammal trainer for about 12 years. She worked with beluga whales, sea lions, penguins, sloths, and tigers to name a few favorites. One of the most important parts of the job was connecting with the public and sharing her passion for conserving the habitats of animals in the wild. She was Vice President, and then President of the Galveston Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, leading conservation awareness and fundraising events to benefit wildlife. Sasha soon realized she wanted to move into an environmental education outreach position and began helping with Galveston Bay Foundation events whenever possible. Her goal is to connect with all of the communities that are connected to the bay in some way and inspire them to be just as passionate about caring for it as the staff here at Galveston Bay Foundation!