Oyster Reef Restoration

All of the oyster shells recycled by the Galveston Bay Foundation are returned to Galveston Bay to create new oyster habitat. Oyster larvae need a hard surface on which to attach so they may begin to grow. While baby oysters can attach to just about anything, they prefer other oyster shells!

Why recycle oyster shells?
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Natural filtration systems
Ecosystem engineers
Shoreline protectors


Oyster shell breakwaters
Reef Domes
Reef Pads

With the help of hard-working volunteers, over 6 tons of oyster shells can be returned to the bay in one day!

Are you interested in creating new homes for baby oysters?
Join us for an oyster workday!

GBF works with a variety of local organizations, private companies, as well as state and federal agencies to help restore native oyster habitat in Galveston Bay. Not only do these groups support our reef restoration efforts financially, they also donate their time, equipment, and labor to help return recycled oyster shells to the bay and establish new oyster habitat.

Thank you to all of our program partners and sponsors!

If you’re interested in a partnership opportunity with the Galveston Bay Foundation, please contact
Haille Leija at hleija@galvbay.org or 281-332-3381 ext. 203.