Sea Scout Helps Galveston Bay Foundation Education Programs

Every chance he gets, Kai Brown ventures out to enjoy Galveston Bay. Kai is a 17-year-old Sea Scout on Ship 468 and loves sailing. He sailed on the Bay all but one weekend last month, which was reserved to work on his Eagle Scout Project for Galveston Bay Foundation.

On his weekend off the water, Kai and his friends set to work building changing stalls for the students who come out to Galveston Bay Foundation’s Trinity Bay Discovery Center. They built four stalls for the students to change out of muddy clothes after a day on the Bay as their classroom.

“It seemed like such a big need and I’m really proud of the work that was done,” Kai said. “Receiving an Eagle Scout award would mean a lot for me, it’s something I’ve been working towards for a long time.”

He encourages Eagle Scout candidates to partner with Galveston Bay Foundation because of how seamless the planning process was, the difference his project will make, and the impact the organization makes.

“The saddest thing for a sailor to see is trash or oil in the water, so the Galveston Bay Foundation mission to preserve and protect the Bay is huge for me,” he said.

Interested in Scout projects with the Galveston Bay Foundation? Contact Michael Niebuhr at