Report Galveston Bay Pollution with GBAN

Truly be the eyes on your bay! GBF announces the launch of the Galveston Bay Action Network pollution reporting app (available on If pollution is found, fill out a report online!

GBAN2Galveston Bay Foundation has recently launched the Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN) mobile app. GBAN is a pollution reporting and monitoring app that will report across the four counties that touch Galveston Bay (Brazoria, Chambers, Harris, and Galveston Counties). The app is linked to all national, state, and local governmental agencies that are involved with water pollution cleanup and human health monitoring. Types of pollution found in the bay may also be monitored from the app. The interactive map allows for different pollution layers to be selected and viewed.

The reports may be filed as a guest or as a registered user. The location and type of pollution is selected on an interactive map and the municipality are selected. Once the municipality has been chosen, the pollution event is directly reported to the governmental agency responsible for responding to it. While all personal information is kept confidential, the report location, description of the pollution, and the agencies notified will be available for public viewing.

The app is designed to allow the citizens and visitors of Galveston Bay to truly be the protective eyes on the bay. Immediate reporting from citizens on pollution, whether deliberate or accidental, helps insure fast responses to the pollution issues in the bay.

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