Full Circle: Galveston Bay Foundation Water Monitor Finds Old Newspaper Clipping of Science Fair Project on Water Quality

Suzanne in high school with her science fair project “Algae Around Us.”

Suzanne Milby has lived in Seabrook practically her entire life. Since she grew up near the water enjoying the benefits of the Bay like crabbing and water skiing, she says it was natural for her to care about the health of the Bay as well.

A retired Spanish teacher, Suzanne has been a volunteer Galveston Bay Foundation water monitor for three years. She began not just because she lives on the water, but primarily because she thought it was a way for her two grandsons to see her connection to the Bay and how important it is to care for it.

“I thought – in what capacity could I help?” Suzanne said. “And this was a way to do something for the Bay.”

Suzanne dropping off water quality samples at the Galveston Bay Foundation office.

Funny enough, although she didn’t begin monitoring until the last few years, last week Suzanne came across a newspaper clipping of her high school science fair project on the water quality in El Lago.

“I just had to bring [the clipping] in,” she said. “It’s funny that the circle has come around.”

Caring for the health of the Bay has been a part of Suzanne’s life for so long and is at the core of why many of our water quality monitors work so hard at their testing.

Suzanne is most excited about the hands-on aspect of water monitoring – seeing the results of her hard work and understanding what they mean. And although admittedly a pain, she appreciates the fact that we re-train our monitors every year to ensure accuracy.

Interested in the data Suzanne and our team of 68 monitors throughout the Bay have been collecting? Visit galvbay.org/watermonitor.