A Letter From Our President: Rebuilding Together, Houston-Galveston Strong

Dear Friends,

Tens of thousands of people in our region have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. It has been heartwarming and inspiring to see so many people come together and support their neighbors in response to the devastation, a true depiction of our character during these difficult times. Although the primary response of our community should and will be on helping people in need, we wanted to let you know that we are also working to assess the damage the storm has wrought to Galveston Bay. We know the storm has pumped millions of gallons of dirty storm water into the Bay. That storm water includes untreated sewage and oil and gas from an untold number of small spills. We also know from experience with previous big storms, there will be lots of debris that has been washed into Galveston Bay. And we know that Harvey will focus even more attention in our area on the need for appropriate flood and storm protection for the region.

Although Harvey has presented us with a new set of challenges, it has also reaffirmed the importance of our efforts to restore more natural wetlands and repair natural barriers so we can improve the resilience of our Bay to protect us from severe weather events in the future. 

Like so many others in and around Texas, we have our work cut out for us and we need your support more than ever to accomplish our goals. I ask you to join me today and pledge your commitment to the importance of our hurricane response and to our efforts to preserve and protect Galveston Bay for generations to come.


Bob Stokes
GBF President