Classroom Presentations

Galveston Bay Ambassadors Program

Ages/Grades: K-12

Time: 1 hour


  • $100 (includes two consecutive 1 hour presentations, up to 35 students at each)
  • $200 for more than 2 consecutive presentations

The Bay Ambassadors program introduces youth to the natural wonders, resources, and multiple uses of the Galveston Bay estuary and watershed. Educators deliver interactive, hands-on, classroom-based presentations and activities tailored to fit the needs of the audience with age, exposure, and interest taken into consideration.

K-5 Presentation: Students gather around a large floor map, and help presenter add models to the map, learning about the bay as they go.classroom presentations

Topics include:

  • What animals use Galveston Bay, and how
  • How humans use Galveston Bay
  • Salinity Demonstration (rivers, gulf, estuary)
  • Non-Point Source Pollution Model
  • Oyster Recycling
  • Live Animals (When Available)




6-8 Presentation: Students work with small groups and rotate through interactive stations to learn more about the bay.

Topics include:BA rachel

  • Group Work Stations
    • Habitat
    • Oysters
    • GIS Mapping
    • Salinity
  • Non-Point Source Pollution and Watershed Model
  • Live Animals (When Available)


9-12 Presentation: Students discuss the Galveston Bay Report Card, and work with small groups to create a poster campaign for the protection of Galveston Bay. 

Topics include:2017 h2h bay ambassador

  • Galveston Bay Report Card Overview
  • Group Poster Campaign
  • Non-Point Source Pollution and Watershed Model


If you have questions, please contact  Rani Henderson at