Classroom Presentations

Galveston Bay Ambassadors Program

The Bay Ambassadors program introduces youth to the natural wonders, resources, and multiple uses of the Galveston Bay estuary and watershed. Educators deliver interactive, hands-on, classroom-based presentations and activities tailored to fit the needs of the audience with age, exposure, and interest taken into consideration.

  • Ages/Grades: K-12
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Cost:
    • $100 (includes two consecutive 1-hour presentations, up to 35 students at each)
    • $200 for more than 2 consecutive presentations
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K-5 Presentation: Students gather around a large floor map and help GBF educators add models to the map, learning about the bay as they go.classroom presentations

Topics include:

  • What animals use Galveston Bay, and how
  • How humans use Galveston Bay
  • Salinity Demonstration (rivers, gulf, estuary)
  • Non-Point Source Pollution Model
  • Oyster Recycling
  • Live Animals (When Available)




6-8 Presentation: Students work with small groups and rotate through interactive stations to learn more about the bay.

Topics include:BA rachel

  • Group Work Stations
    • Habitat
    • Oysters
    • GIS Mapping
    • Salinity
  • Non-Point Source Pollution and Watershed Model
  • Live Animals (When Available)


9-12 Presentation: Students discuss the Galveston Bay Report Card and work with small groups to create a poster campaign for the protection of Galveston Bay. 

Topics include:2017 h2h bay ambassador

  • Galveston Bay Report Card Overview
  • Group Poster Campaign
  • Non-Point Source Pollution and Watershed Model


If you have questions, please contact  Rani Henderson at