Rain Barrel Workshop FAQs

How many rain barrel kits may I purchase?
How much does it cost?
How do I register?
Can I pay/sign up at the workshop?
What comes in the rain barrel kit?
How many people can attend?
Do I have to attend the workshop in order to receive a rain barrel kit?
May I attend the workshop without buying a rain barrel kit?
Can I bring my kids?
I'm registered, but I can no longer attend the workshop, may I have a refund?
Do I need to bring anything?
How big is the rain barrel and will it fit in my car?
What does the barrel look like?
Is the rain barrel kit hard to install?
Will we assemble the barrel and kit at the workshop?
Can I still get a rain barrel if I don't have gutters?
How safe is the water I will be collecting?
Are rain barrels legal in Texas?

Still have questions? Email Kaitlin Grable at kgrable@galvbay.org.