Pump Don’t Dump Campaign


Locations of Galveston Bay Area Pump-Out Facilities

Galveston Bay Foundation Needs Your Help to keep our water safe and clean!

Did you know that one of Galveston Bay’s most pressing issues is fecal bacteria contamination? Did you know that waste from boats contributes to this issue?

Help us keep Galveston Bay safe, healthy, and clean by pumping out the waste from your boat’s head into a pump-out facility, and encouraging your neighbors to do the same. Hang this FREE flag (shown below) on your boat to share the importance of clean boating practices and to show your support for a clean, healthy Bay!

To request a flag, contact us at (281) 332 3381 or at waterquality@galvbay.org.




ATTENTION: It is illegal to discharge untreated waste into Galveston Bay. It is illegal to discharge both treated and untreated sewage into Clear Lake because it is a federal No Discharge Zone. Please report illegal dumping using the Galveston Bay Action Network tool and your report will instantly be emailed to the proper authority.



Video: How to Pump-Out Your Boat
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This project is funded in part by a Texas Coastal Management Program Grant approved by the Texas Land Commissioner pursuant to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award No. NA17NOS4190139, and by a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Galveston Bay Estuary Program.



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