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Boat sewage is a primary source of fecal bacteria in Galveston Bay. Sewage from boats and other sources puts public health at risk and harms the environment. Portions of the Bay are unsafe for oyster harvesting and, at times, for swimming. GBF’s Pump Don’t Dump Campaign aims to decrease sewage dumping from recreational and commercial boaters into Galveston Bay and Clear Lake.

Boat sewage is known to be discharged directly into our waters due to a lack of understanding of potential impacts, information about pump-out facilities, and enforcement. Pump Don’t Dump provides educational materials to boaters about how and where to pump-out their waste.

Pump Don’t Dump is an initiative led by GBF, in partnership with a very active workgroup made up of boaters, marinas, regulatory agencies, and environmental organizations.

Locations of Galveston Bay Area Pump-Out Facilities

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ATTENTION: It is illegal to discharge untreated waste into Galveston Bay. It is illegal to discharge both treated and untreated sewage into Clear Lake because it is a federal No Discharge Zone. Please report illegal dumping using the Galveston Bay Action Network tool and your report will instantly be emailed to the proper authority.






Video: How to Pump-Out Your Boat
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This project is funded in part by a Texas Coastal Management Program Grant approved by the Texas Land Commissioner pursuant to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award No. NA14NOS4190139.


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