EPA-approved faucet aerators could save billions of gallons of water nationwide!

It’s obvious that turning off the water when brushing your teeth will save water, but a simple device attached to your faucet spout could help you conserve water without even thinking about it!

A faucet aerator is a small screen that attaches to water spouts and helps mix air into the water stream, reduce the temperature and flow rate of the water.

If every home in the U.S. used WaterSense-labeled aerators, we could save a total of 64 billion gallons of water and $1.2 billion in water and energy costs nationwide, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

faucets-aerators-infographicAerators cost as little as $2 and are easy to install. With technology ever-improving, it may be time to update your aerator and conserve even more water.


Visit the EPA’s website to learn more.