Don’t Mow Too Low… and save your lawn, the environment and your money!

Here are some lawn maintenance tips that will keep your lawn healthy, help the environment, and save you money at the same time:

First, do not mow your grass too low. Grass that is mowed at the proper height has a healthier root system and uses less water than a lawn that is cut close to the ground. Set your mower to the recommended heights referred to below, or even higher.

Second, do cut off too much at each cutting. Mow often enough so that you do not cut off any more than 1/3 of the grass length to ease stress during our hot summers.

Third, don’t bag your grass clippings; leave them on the lawn. You’ll allow nature to work by recycling nutrients that are released as the clippings decay back to the earth and build healthy soil. This is much more aesthetically pleasing if you do not mow too low and easiest if you use a mulching mower.

In addition to using less water, healthy grass needs less fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Bottom line, you spend less money and prevent harmful pollutants from running off your lawn and into our waterways by not mowing too low! Find out how low to mow different types of grass and other helpful hints by clicking on Texas A&M University Turfgrass Program’s Turf Answers 4 You – Mowing.