Galveston Bay Action Network App

The Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) has put the power of protecting your family and the Bay in your hands! The Galveston Bay Action Network  mobile application for iPhone and Android allows anyone to easily report any land or water pollution within minutes. Reports are automatically sent to the proper authority, resulting in the quickest response to get the pollution cleaned up. This app is free and can now be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Click here to download from the Apple Store. 

Click here to download from Google Play. 


What is the Galveston Bay Action Network?

Activities such as oil and chemical spills, trash, dumping of waste, and illegal discharge of boat sewage have the potential to pollute our environment and threaten the health of people, plants, and animals. We must act now to ensure this resource remains healthy for us and our kids to enjoy. By reporting any pollution you see in the Houston-Galveston region, you can help protect both your loved ones and the Bay. Through the Galveston Bay Action Network, citizens can easily report any pollution they see using their desktop or mobile device. This application provides one place for people in the Houston-Galveston region to report pollution and get it cleaned up. Reports can be for pollution both on land and in water. Waterways that are abnormally colored or have an unusual odor, submerged vessels, and bird or fish kills should also be reported. Download the app today so you can report pollution tomorrow!

For more information on GBAN, or to report pollution on your desktop, visit

This project is funded in part by a Texas Coastal Management Program Grant approved by the approved by the Texas Land Commissioner pursuant to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Award No. NA17NOS4190139, and by a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Gulf of Mexico Program Grant Number 00D43916.