Adopt a Galveston Bay Dolphin!


By symbolically adopting and/or naming a Galveston Bay dolphin, you can directly help fund the Galveston Bay Dolphin Research and Conservation Program. Your donation will contribute to the development of this new multi-faceted program. Adoption kits are just $150 for a full year and make a meaningful and unique gift!

1-Year Adoption - $150
  • Photograph of your adopted dolphin
  • Plush 12″ dolphin
  • Quarterly updates about our dolphins during the adoption year (includes photos and sighting maps)
  • One year Galveston Bay Foundation membership
Naming and 1-Year Adoption - $1500
  • Opportunity to name the dolphin
  • Certificate of adoption
  • Plush 12″ dolphin
  • Photographs and map showing all the locations where your dolphin has been sighted
  • Quarterly updates  about our dolphins during the adoption year (includes photos and sighting maps)
  • Recognition on our webpage and/or print newsletter of your adoption
  • One year Galveston Bay Foundation membership

If you are giving the naming/adoption as a gift, you will be able to indicate this when completing the donation form.
All adoptions/namings come with a plush 12″ dolphin!

  • Multiple people may adopt the same dolphin, but each dolphin will only be named once.
  • All names will be subject to approval by the GDRCP research team.  Your chosen name will be permanently used by the research team and will be officially included in the catalog/database.
  • GDRCP will provide you with updates as long as it is able to conduct boat-based surveys.
  •  GDRCP quarterly reports include a diverse range of information about our dolphin population.  These reports may include updates and photos of distressed and deceased dolphins.

Choose from these dolphins to adopt:

Choose from these dolphins to name:

If you have previously adopted a dolphin that is not currently available for adoption but you would like to renew your adoption with your original dolphin, please contact us at

Meet our other named and adopted dolphins!

If you would like to support GDRCP without adopting a dolphin, please click here to make a tax deductible donation of any amount.

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