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Evaluating the Impacts of Hurricane Harvey on the Dolphins of Galveston Bay

Prepared September 18, 2017 By Vanessa Mintzer, Ph.D. (Galveston Bay Foundation) and Kristi Fazioli (Environmental Institute of Houston-UHCL) Dolphins and Hurricanes Opportunities to evaluate the effects of catastrophic events, like hurricanes and flooding, on dolphins are rare.  However, because hurricanes cause dramatic environmental changes, they are expected to impact most aquatic organisms, including these top-level […]

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How Has Harvey Impacted Water Quality?

Photo: NASA Satellite of brown rivers and Galveston Bay full of floodwater from Hurricane Harvey. In the Houston area, stormwater from large flood events wash pollutants, chemicals and debris down our storm drains, into our bayous and eventually into Galveston Bay. The longer between rain storms or the more intense a rain storm, the more pollutants are […]

A Letter From Our President: Rebuilding Together, Houston-Galveston Strong

Dear Friends, Tens of thousands of people in our region have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. It has been heartwarming and inspiring to see so many people come together and support their neighbors in response to the devastation, a true depiction of our character during these difficult times. Although the primary response of our community should and […]

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