Volunteer Oyster Gardening


Galveston Bay Foundation  partners with Bayfront property owners to give baby oysters a “head-start” through the Volunteer Oyster Gardening program. Oyster gardeners (aka oyster foster parents) work with GBF staff every spring to create small mesh bags full of recycled oyster shells. These bags, or oyster gardens, are suspended from piers and docks and submerged in the bay, in hopes of attracting new oyster larvae during the spawning season. Volunteers monitor and care for the oyster gardens throughout the summer to ensure successful growth of the baby oysters (aka spat). In the fall, GBF staff collect all of the oyster gardens and spread the shells and spat on nearby restoration reefs to enhance the local oyster populations.

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and partners!
San Leon   ♦   Kemah   ♦   Bayou Vista   ♦   Tiki Island  ♦  Galveston Island
TX Corinthian Yacht Club   ♦   Sea Scout Base Galveston   ♦   Jamaica Beach   ♦  TX Parks and Wildlife

Interested in becoming an oyster gardener?
Please contact GBF’s Program Technician:
Michael Niebuhr mniebuhr@galvbay.org (281) 332-3381 x 225

NOTE: ALL oysters produced in GBF’s oyster gardening program are strictly for restoration purposes and are NOT for consumption.