Classroom Presentations

Galveston Bay Ambassadors Program

Ages/Grades: K-12

The Bay Ambassadors program introduces youth to the natural wonders, resources, and multiple uses of the Galveston Bay estuary and watershed. Trained “Bay Ambassadors” deliver interactive, hands-on, classroom-based presentations and activities tailored to fit the needs of the audience with age, exposure, and interest taken into consideration.

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What makes a Bay Ambassador?

  • Passion for educating youth about Galveston Bay
  • General knowledge about Galveston Bay (training available)

What do Bay Ambassadors do?

  • Provide a large map to help participants orient themselves relative to Galveston Bay
  • Gather participants’ ideas on ways they can protect habitat and preserve our valuable resources
  • Discuss who uses the bay and its waterways


  • Provide an activity to teach the concept of salinity, different kinds of water, and what events can change it
  • Provide an activity to teach the concept of watershed
  • Demonstrate rain run-off, storm drains, and point and non-point source pollution using an interactive watershed model
  • Tell younger participants a story
  • Present a slide presentation on Galveston Bay
  • Share specimens from the bay in a grab bag activity that participants can touch and feel

If you are interested in either serving as a Bay Ambassador or scheduling a Bay Ambassador presentation for your school, class, or group, please contact Rani Henderson at or (281) 332-3381 x 212.