GBF's conservation programs focus on wetlands preservation and restoration, as well as land preservation. The Galveston Bay system has lost over 35,000 acres of wetlands during the last fifty years. GBF works closely with numerous partners to restore those lost wetlands across the Bay. Wetlands provide habitat for finfish and shellfish as well as rookery and foraging areas for birds. They also stabilize shorelines and provide flood control, benefits that may be even more important in the current "big storm" era. Wetlands also naturally improve water quality by filtering water. GBF's nationally recognized, community-based habitat restoration program, called "Marsh Mania," has involved thousands of citizen volunteers and restored hundreds of acres of wetlands over the last nine years.

Marsh Mania Planting

Before the Marsh Mania Planting project
After the Marsh Mania Planting project