Storm Drain Stewards Lend a Hand for Water Quality

Recently, 60 students from Ball High School teamed up with GBF and the City of Galveston to mark 180 storm drains with markers on the east end of Galveston Island. These bright blue markers help educate the public about pollution associated with stormwater runoff and serve as a reminder that we can all participate in […]

Ladies Casting for Conservation

Twenty-two teams of lady anglers joined GBF on Saturday, July 26 on Bolivar Peninsula for GBF’s second annual Ladies Casting for Conservation event. The tournament was a great success with the participants and sponsors raising nearly $35,000 for habitat restoration and conservation. GBF would like to thank everyone who participated and supported the tournament! 2014 […]

Marsh Maniacs Help Restore Pine Gully Habitat

GBF is excited to announce that registration for Bike Around the Bay 2014 is now open! The event will be held Saturday, October 18 through Sunday, October 19, featuring a 180-mile, full-loop route around the bay as first implemented in 2012.

Conserve Water the Easy Way! Take a “Navy” Shower

There are easy ways you can conserve water all the time. One way is to take a “Navy” shower. This is also known by other names but simply means turning off the water while you are soaping up or shampooing. You can save thousands of gallons of water and money, too.  The less water we […]

A Really Simple Tool to Help You Keep from Wasting Water, and Money, Outdoors!

Portions of the Galveston Bay area are slipping into a moderate drought and the hot days of summer are right around the corner. While we become more aware of water shortages during drought, you can always take easy steps to keep from wasting this precious resource. Much of the waste happens during outdoor watering of […]

Plan a Green Spring Break!

Are you making plans for the kid’s coming spring break?  Are you staying close to home?  Perfect.  Take them to one or more of our many wonderful local nature centers, preserves, state and local parks, or wildlife refuges.  Or, when was the last time you took your kids fishing?  We know some spots!  This is […]

Weatherize Your Home and Help the Bay!

Cold fronts continue to make their way to the Upper Texas Gulf Coast, leaving us shivering.  Weatherize your home to cut your heating costs now and for many winters to come…  and help the bay the bay at the same time. By simply adding attic insulation, sealing cracks and gaps in door and windows, and […]

Are Freezes Zapping Your Landscape and Gardens? Give Native Plants a Try!

There are many reasons to use native plants in your landscapes and gardens: beauty, low maintenance, less need for watering, fertilizers, and pesticides.  And they provide food and shelter for our resident species of birds, furry creatures, and beneficial insects.  One other thing they can do very well is withstand our freezes!  Unlike many of […]